New Beginnings

Remember back in college when you had a huge assignment due and you would psych yourself up to get it done? You would make a cup of coffee and set it, steaming, next to your computer. Then you would put your most comfortable clothes on and sit indian style in your desk chair. You would lift your hands to the keyboard and stare at the blinking cursor dance upon an infinitely white canvas. I bet that white canvas slowly stretched itself out, taking over your peripheral sight until it swallowed you whole. Daunting, I remember.

For some reason, I've been experiencing this each time I sit down to write an update. I never wanted writing to feel like a college assignment and so it was easy for me to avoid it. I wasn't receiving a grade anyway. But then I remembered that unlike college homework, I really do enjoy it when I have something to write about. Perhaps I've felt stuck in this rut with nothing really going on. Unemployed. New to the city. Unsettled. But the reality is, I've got a lot going on. Here is the breakdown:

I finally got a job! Though I haven't started working yet. I want to share more, but I need to wait a bit more.

Everyday I fall more and more in love with this city. She continues to surprise me with beautiful hidden treasures.

I have the best apartment with the BEST roommate. Finally feeling somewhat settled is a good thing.

I've rediscovered the bounty of the public library.

I'm slowly getting into biking and loving it. I think I know what my first "big" purchase is going to be once I start making dinero! (a bike. in case you didn't get that)

I have loved meeting new friends and going on lots of adventures.

Finding Senegal in San Francisco has been a blessing. It makes SF feel a little more Home-y. I recently met a Senegalese woman selling her wares on Market st. I spent a whole afternoon sitting with her speaking in Wolof and talking about Senegal. I needed that.

So while I've been feeling like nothing has been going on, the reality is that life is actively whirling around me. Stopping to write about it is not a chore, it's a privilege. I'm sorry I've been absent for so long. I'm sorry I haven't written about the things that I'm experiencing in this strange transition. or the beauty i find in it. I just hope this will be yet another beginning. I love you guys.


  1. I think I will understand all of this more in six months...Tell us more about your job! I've been wondering...Glad you're enjoying the city.

  2. Hoorays all around! I want to hear more about the job, about exploring San Francisco, and about the public library.

  3. Hi Jared! Found you through Meghan's blog! Been checking in occasionally to see if there were any updates, was excited to read the latest! Will look forward hearing more!

    - Amy Van Gundy (from long ago APU/High Sierra)